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For any notice/information regarding Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), the candidates should visit official websites of RRBs site only. Any information / notices being circulated in the social media regarding RRBs may please be ignored.

Helpline No. 182 (24 x 7): Candidates are advised to use this helpline to report their grievances regarding exploitation by touts or other malpractices during RRB examinations.

वेबसाइट का द्विभाषीय एवं नवीनीकरण कार्य प्रगति पर है। || Bilingual and renovation work of the website is in progress.


How To Apply?

Application under RTI Act , 2005 shall be addressed to APIO/PIO of RRB/Ajmer and shall be accompained be fee of Rs. Ten by way of DD/IPO payable to the "Sr. DFM/Ajmer" - Competent Authority under RTI Act 2005

Shri K. R. Chaudhary Appellate Authority & Chairman/RRB/Ajmer
2010, Nehru Marg, Near Ambedkar Circle , Ajmer
Shri Narendra Kumar PIO & Secretary/RRB/Ajmer
2010,Nehru Marg, Near Ambedkar Circle , Ajmer

Record Retention Schedule

RTI (DoPT,Govt.of India)