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For any notice/information regarding Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), the candidates should visit official websites of RRBs site only. Any information / notices being circulated in the social media regarding RRBs may please be ignored.

Helpline No. 182 (24 x 7): Candidates are advised to use this helpline to report their grievances regarding exploitation by touts or other malpractices during RRB examinations.

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History of RRB:



The Beginning

First time in July 1942, as an experimental measure, a Service Commission with a Chairman and two members was established for recruitment of Subordinate Staff on the then North West Railway. The position was reviewed in 1945 and Services Commissions at Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and Lucknow were set up under Railway Board. These Commissions were introduced with two fold functions of recruiting class III staff and also tender advice to General Managers for dealing with appeals from subordinate staff on disciplinary matters.

Later Developments

In 1948, the Indian Railway Enquiry Committee reviewed working of commissions. While recommending their permanency, suggested that the work related to appeals should be withdrawn so that commission can give undivided attention to recruitments. Chairman Bombay/Service Commission was given the supervisory role to Supervise Commissions at Calcutta, Lucknow and Madras.

In 1949, due to financial constraints a ban was imposed on recruitments on Indian Railways thus numbers of commissions was reduced to one centrally located at Bombay.

In 1953-54 when Economic conditions of Indian Railway improved, four service commission were again set up at Bombay, Madras, Allahabad and Calcutta. In 1956, the Estimates committee generally approved the method of recruitment by the constitution of the Railway Service Commissions.

In 1973 to cater the needs of the Northern Eastern Railway and to facilitate recruitment from the under developed areas of that region an additional commission was set up at Muzaffarpur.

In the same year a branch office of Calcutta Service Commission was opened at Ranchi.

In 1978 one more additional Service Commission was set up at Secunderabad to cater for the needs of newly formed South Central Railway.

Recruitment of staff for the needs of NF Railway was still being done through recruitment committee control by NF Railway . Thus in 1978 this job was entrusted to full fledged service commission with Head Quarters at Guwahati.

Yet another service commission was opened in 1980 at Bangalore to cater for the needs of candidates from remote backward areas of Karnataka.

In 1981 fullfledge service commission was opened at Danapur.

Seven more commissions were set up in 1983 at Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Bhopal, Bhuvneshwar, Chandigarh, Jammu and Srinagar with sitting at Leh and Trivendrum.

In 1984 two more service commissions were set up at Malda and Gorakhpur and a fulfledge commission at Ranchi was set up to cater for exclusive needs of Scheduled tribes of the area.

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Bilaspur was set up in September 2008. This is 20th RRB over Indian Railways.

The Railway Recruitment Board, Siliguri came into existence during Financial Year 2009-10 as 21st RRB of Indian Railways.

There are 21 Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs) on the Indian Railways. The locations and the jurisdictions of these RRBs is given as under:



SN RRB Railway Zone Divisions / PUs
1. Ahmedabad Western Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Ahmedabad divisions
2. Ajmer North Western
West Central
HQ Office of North Western Railway and Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur & Bikaner divisions
Kota division
3. Allahabad North Central
HQ Office of North Central Railway and Allahabad, Jhansi & Agra divisions
Lucknow & Moradabad divisions
4. Bangalore South Western
HQ Office of South Western Railway and Hubli, Bangalore & Mysore divisions
5. Bhopal West Central
HQ Office of West Central Railway and Bhopal & Jabalpur divisions
Ratlam division
6. Bhubaneshwar East Coast HQ Office of East Coast Railway and Khurda Road & Sambhalpur divisions
7. Bilaspur South East
HQ Office of SECR and Raipur, Bilaspur & Nagpur divisions of SECR and Nagpur Division of CR.
8. Kolkata Eastern
South Eastern
HQ office of Eastern Railway and Howrah & Sealdah divisions
HQ office of South Eastern Railway and Kharagpur division
CLW /Chittaranjan
9. Chandigarh Northern HQ office of Northern Railway and Delhi & Ambala divisions
10. Chennai Southern
HQ office of Southern Railway and Chennai, & Trichchirappalli divisions
11. Gorakhpur North Eastern
HQ Office of North Eastern Railway and Lucknow, Izatnagar & Varanasi divisions,
12. Guwahati Northeast Frontier HQ Office of Northeast Frontier Railway and Lumding, Tinsukia & Rangiya divisions
13. Jammu
Ferozepur division
14. Malda Eastern
South Eastern
Malda & Asansol divisions
Adra Division
15. Mumbai Western
South Central
HQ Office of Western Railway and Mumbai Central division
HQrs. Office of Central Railway and Mumbai (CST), Bhusawal, Sholapur & Pune divisions
Nanded division
16. Muzaffarpur East Central Samastipur & Sonepur divisions
17. Patna East Central HQ Office of East Central Railway and Mughalsarai & Danapur divisions
18. Ranchi South Eastern
East Central
Ranchi & Chakradharpur divisions
Dhanbad division
19. Secunderabad South Central
East Coast
HQ Office of South Central Railway and Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Guntakal, Vijayawada & Guntur divisions
Waltair division
20. Silliguri Northeast Frontier Katihar and Alipurduar Divisions
21. Thiruvanantha-puram Southern Palghat, Thiruvananthapuram & Madurai divisions