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Final Results After D.V.

Sr. No.DateCEN No.CategoriesPostsStageCut Off MarksView
1 16-08-201602/2015Ticket EXam (PWD)Ticket Exam (PWD)Final N/A View
2 16-08-201602/2015jr.Clerk Cum Typist (PWD)jr.Clerk Cum Typist (PWD)Final N/A View
3 17-08-201601/201501SSE (P.way)After DV (With Held) N/A View
4 17-08-201601/2015SSESSEFinal Marks View
5 17-08-201601/2015J.EsJEFinal Marks View
6 17-08-201601/201474Technician Grade III Fitter (MW)Final N/A View
7 17-08-201601/201402Technical Signal Grade IIIFinal N/A View
8 17-08-201602/201477CMAFinal N/A View
9 26-09-201601/201401ALPFinal N/A View
10 17-08-201602/201409SSE (Mechanical)After DV (With Held) N/A View
11 17-08-201603/201408catering inspector Grade IIFinal N/A View
12 17-08-201602/2014SSESSEFinal Marks View
13 17-08-201602/2014J.EsJEFinal Marks View
14 17-08-201603/2014Cat_09catering Inspector IIIFinal N/A View
15 16-08-201601/201406Technical Grade III (Electrical)Final N/A View
16 16-08-201601/201456Technical Grade III (welder)Final N/A View
17 16-08-201601/201461Technical Grade III (Fitter)Final N/A View
18 16-08-201601/201465Technical Grade III (C W)Final N/A View
19 17-08-201603/201204Goods GuardAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
20 11-08-201604/2012 TechniciansTechnical Grade III  N/A View
21 11-08-201603/201204Goods Guard  N/A View
22 17-08-201604/201220Technical Grade III (Track Machine)Final N/A View
23 17-08-201604/201221Technical Grade III (welder)Final N/A View
24 17-08-201604/201222Technical Grade (carpenter) IIIFinal N/A View
25 17-08-201603/201202Traffic ApprenticeAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
26 17-08-201604/201201Technical signal Grade IIAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
27 17-08-201601/201203SSE-East/Drg/Design (Civil)After DV (With Held) N/A View
28 17-08-201601/201228Jr. Engineer (Est./Drg./Design/CivilAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
29 17-08-201601/201232Jr. Engineer - Mechanical / C WAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
30 17-08-201601/201201SSE. p wayAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
31 17-08-201601/20111ALPFinal N/A View
32 17-08-201604/201002Account .ClerkFinal N/A View
33 17-08-201604/201004jr.Clerk Cum Final N/A View
34 17-08-201608/201008catering inspector Final N/A View
35 10-02-201703/12Goods GuardGoods GuardFinal N/A View
36 20-12-2016CEN No. 02/2014CEN 02 2014 Result SSE TMC Replacement Cat 32SSE TMC Replacement Cat 32Final N/A View
37 20-12-2016CEN No. 01/2015CEN 01 2015 Result for Diversion SSE Cat. No. 14, 15 Electrical groupDiversion SSE Cat. No. 14, 15 Electrical groupFinal N/A View
38 20-12-2016CEN No. 01/2015CEN 01 2015 Result JE TMC replacement Cat 49JE TMC replacement Cat 49Final N/A View
39 20-12-2016CEN No. 01/2015CEN 01-2015 Result for Diversion JE Cat. No. 40,41 Electrical groupDiversion JE Cat. No. 40,41 Electrical groupFinal N/A View