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"Beware of touts and job racketeers trying to deceive by false promises of securing job in Railway either through influence or by any other unfair and unethical means. Candidates found indulging in unfair means will be disqualified and shall be liable for legal action against them."


How To Apply?

Application under RTI Act , 2005 shall be addressed to APIO/PIO of RRB/Ajmer and shall be accompained be fee of Rs. Ten by way of DD/IPO payable to the "Sr. DFM/Ajmer" - Competent Authority under RTI Act 2005

Shri Alok Kumar Mishra Appellate Authority & Chairman/RRB/Ajmer
2010, Nehru Marg, Near Ambedkar Circle , Ajmer
Shri Narendra Kumar PIO & Secretary/RRB/Ajmer
2010,Nehru Marg, Near Ambedkar Circle , Ajmer

Record Retention Schedule

RTI (DoPT,Govt.of India)